About me

Salutations traveler, name's Arthur but you can also call me pepper! I'm a Canadian highschool student, my main hobbies are character desgin and web developement! I want to become a professional programer someday and I'm dead set on reaching my goal. Other hobbies inlcude: creating youtube videos, digital and traditional art, animation, plush making and loving my boyfriend.

Random facts about me:

  • I've had a scar on my right foot since I was 3 because I cut it on a bit of wild cement in the bathub.
  • The colour lavender makes me nauseous.
  • I'm pretty much your fellow stereotypical Canadian.
  • My native language is romanian but I barely can speak it anymore.
  • My favourite games are Night in the woods, TF2, Niche, Don't Starve Together, Stardew Valley, Okami, Minecraft, Wakfu MMO, and Club Penguin. (That's a lot of favourites huh)