These aren't actually frequently asked but maybe you'll find answers or neat bits of trivia!

Do you use a drawing tablet?

Yes! I use a Wacom intuos art for almost everything made digitally.

What programs do you use?

The programs I mainly use are Photoshop CC for drawing, MS Paint for doodling, After Effects CC and Windows Movie Maker for editing, OBS for video recordings and sometimes I use Animate CC to animate. For anything code related I use Sublime Text!

What's up?

The sky.

Can I have a free drawing?

No, I don't do requests unless otherwise stated.

How can my commission become a speedpaint?

A speedpaint is never guaranteed since it is only a bonus. There's often going to be a speedpaint if I lack content on my channel, think the drawing is interesting enough or if the buyer gives a generous tip.

How do you animate traditionally?

I plan on making a video on this in the future but i'm going to explain the basic rundown here for now. Basically, my traditonal animations are just like normal PMVs but drawn on paper. I draw the pieces separatly then scan the drawings, afterwards, I edit them in photoshop for colour retouching and making them all diferent transparent PNGs. Then all that's left to do is edit everything in After Effects like any normal tween animation!

Can you be my friend?

My DMs are always open!

Can I draw your character?

Of course! I love to see my creations brought to life in differnet styles!

How long have you been drawing for?

I've been drawing since I could remember but I only started to take it more seriously 3-4 years ago.

Can I use your art?

Yes as long as you give me proper credit and it isn't someone else's commission! I also always have the right to make you remove it if you use it in an inapropriate context