Terms of Service
  1. The commissioner can use the piece anywhere as long they don't claim they drew the art and credit me

  2. The commission is for personal use only, using it for commercial use will not be tolerated

  3. I have the right to refuse any commission

  4. I will not lower my prices on demand

  5. No refunds

  6. Only the commissioner can use the artwork, unless you have their permission

  7. Do not edit the image (minor changes are ok)

  8. I am allowed to use any commission as example of my work

  9. I am allowed to make a speedpaint video recording the making of it, although, it isn't guaranteed so do not complain if I don't make one

I can draw:

  • Animals
  • Anthro
  • Humans
  • Dragons
  • Custom species
  • More (If you're unsure just ask!)

I won't draw:

  • Heavy gore
  • Anything NSFW
  • Detailed armour
  • Racist/Homophobic/Phobic shit